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Cape Coral – Venice of America

Cape Coral is a city that is located by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and inspires visitors with an incomparable charm. In addition to it’s culture and it’s history Cape Coral has to offer plenty of fun activities for the whole family. If you like, you can enjoy a short film about the city from a „bird’s eye view“ or simply read on to learn more about Cape Coral and the fairly short but very interesting history of the city.

It all started not even 60 years ago, when the brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen invested a few weeks in the search for „promising“ land in Southwest Florida . Among other things they flew over a peninsula, which was then inhabited only by fishermen and poachers and was named „Redfish Point“ . Immediately the two recognized the enormous potential of the land, bought it in late 1957 for $ 678,000 and renamed it in today’s Cape Coral. A year later the first plots were measured and the trend that became known as the „Waterfront Wonderland“ started. It launched one of the biggest promotions in the U.S. In the first year buyers were flown by plane to the city. One of the main streets of the city known today as „Del Prado Boulevard“ served at these times as a gravel airstrip . In the years to come over 640 kilometers of waterways were excavated and over 2700 kilometers of streets were paved in Cape Coral.

As Cape Coral was officially declared in 1970 a city, it was inhabited by only 12,000 people. This changed quickly when the Cape Coral Bridge was inaugurated and so a fast connection was created between Fort Myers and the peninsula. Barely a decade old Cape Coral was on the way to be one of the fastest growing and most popular cities in the United States. In the following years the population has steadily increased to approximately 180,000 people today.

With the already mentioned over 640 km of waterways Cape Coral has more „Waterfront“ homes than any other city in the world! Therefore it is named „Venice of America“. The extensive and far-reaching channel system, the proximity to the Caloosahatchee River and the direct water access from many houses to the Gulf of Mexico attracts many visitors from around the world who enjoy a motor boot ride and the special lifestyle on the water.

There is hardly anything that is not found in Cape Coral: shopping centers, hardware stores, flee markets, outlet malls and your friendly neighborhood store just around the corner with selected specialties. Many Germans settled here and thus one finds for example homemade sausage at the German butcher shop or crisp bread at the German bakery. The great German-American Social Club hosts yearly the widely known and much liked Oktoberfest.

Also, and not least is Cape Coral one of the safest cities in Florida and the United States. In comparison Cape Coral lands nationwide each year under the top 3 of the safest cities with over 100,000 inhabitants.

There are many recreational activities. Golfers for example can choose from over 150 golf courses within a radius of only an hour’s drive. Tennis is offered at almost every corner. Who wants to talk shop about the latest sailing trends, always finds a nice conversation partner in the Cape Coral Yacht Club.

In addition, there are various museums, art festivals, city parks as well as many sports facilities, playgrounds and facilities for camping and barbecues.

Cape Coral is „Simply Paradise“ for holidays, restaurant lovers, boaters, golfers or just sun worshipers. It is what ever you are looking for. Visit this beautiful corner of the world and fall in love with Cape Coral!